English-taught courses and programmes

English-taught courses and programmes
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Every year Russian universities offer new English-language educational programmes. On this page, we will examine their specifics and features.

Majority of them duplicates Russian-taught originals, but the number of unique programmes is growing. An English-language programme is an opportunity to get a diploma at a prestigious Russian university without the proficient knowledge of the Russian language. Courses are held by both Russian and international lecturers, the native speakers.

To apply for such a programme, you'd need to present a high school certificate or diploma, a motivational letter and IELTS or TOEFL certificates. Some universities have no entrance exams for master programmes and organise video interviews in English instead.

Nowadays, entirely English-taught programmes can be found in any educational field.

We made this up-to-date list of programmes held by leading Russian universities:

National Research University Higher School of Economics is one of the most prestigious educational organizations in Russia. The university focuses on specialities popular with the modern employment market. HSE University actively collaborates with leading global companies. Graduates go on to work at Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Accenture, Citi, L’Oréal, McKinsey & Company, IBM, Google, KPMG and Microsoft. 

HSE University has a wide range of programmes, bachelor's and master's degrees, MBA and short online courses totally in English. It has implemented a complete adaptation system to help international students to get used to a new country and a university with the guidance of the HSE Buddies student organization.

Consider a master's degree in Data Science. The programme includes the examination of existing machine learning technologies, data manipulation, independent analysis and development of mathematical models and algorithms. Russian Studies is another English-taught programme at HSE University. It was launched in 2019 with the emphasis is on the extensive study of modern Russia, its politics, economics, business, and culture. International applicants also have an opportunity to enrol in the English Preparatory Programme in Economics. This programme will help you to get ready for the admission process and the first year at the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

English-taught courses and programmes
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One of the best technical universities in Russia, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI (ETU «LETI»), was founded in 1886. Among the 200 educational programmes, international applicants can find a wide variety of English ones. For example, Heritage Science programme unfolded in 2020, is the first one in Russia to produce highly qualified technical specialists in restoration and museum work, proficient in innovative non-invasive technologies for the analysis and preservation of cultural monuments.

In 2021, the university will launch the Animal-Centred Computing programme – a new online English-language master's degree in partnership with the University of Haifa in Israel. Students will study the development of technological solutions to protect animal welfare. They will learn the observation methods of animal behaviour and develop communication strategies using computer technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Renewable Solar Energy is English-taught master's programme. It will introduce you to the world of the latest technologies in renewable energy. Students will gain knowledge in basic physical principles and aspects of material science of photovoltaic equipment, solar module technologies development, equipment, design and maintenance for solar power plants.

National Research Nizhny Novgorod State University. N.I. Lobachevsky offers about 400 main and additional programmes for international citizens speaking English. For example, the bachelor programme in Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology. Students prepare for research work in the field of theoretical informatics, the development and creation of new information technologies, and their application in design and engineering activities. Graduates will be ready to work in international companies – leaders in the creation, development and implementation of systems, products and IT-services, such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, NVIDIA, etc.

Founded in 1960 and originally conceived as an entire university for foreigners, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is a leader in the number of foreign students. RUDN University has 5 faculties, 11 institutes and an academy. It offers a wide range of educational opportunities – bachelor to PhD. 800 basic and additional educational programmes are available to all international applicants. Many are English-taught: English and Russian Literature, International BusinessInternational protection of human rights, International private law, programs for future translators, lawyers, political scientists, PR-specialists, doctors and other specialists in demand.

English-taught courses and programmes
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Siberian Federal University is one of the largest universities in Siberia and the Far East. It offers international applicants about 250 educational programmes, including English-taught ones. For example, the Master's programme in Petroleum Chemistry and Refining. The programme aims to train specialists in the development and modernization of mining technologies, including the conditions of the Far North. After graduation, you can build a career in public or private oil and gas companies. Another interesting master's programme in English is Digital Intelligent Control Systems. It will help you learn the technology of developing embedded intelligent control systems based on microprocessors, microcontrollers and programmable integrated systems. Students are introduced to the main developments in the field of intelligent control systems and modern technology to create them based on neural networks and data exchange.

If you are fond of mathematics, consider the Data Science and Mathematical Modelling. Here students learn to solve problems in the field of data analysis and mathematical modelling, develop skills in programming and get acquainted with the advanced technologies of the industry. Graduates of this programme become highly demanded and well-paid specialists all over the world.

The University of Tyumen operates one of the most innovative divisions for international applicants – the School of Advanced Studies. This unique project offers predominantly English-language education programmes.

You can choose one of 7 bachelor studies: Economics, History, Biology, Media and Communications, Arts and Humanities, Sociology, Applied information science. For future master’s students are available the programmes implemented in cooperation with the SKOLKOVO Education Transformation Centre – Digital Cultures and Media Production (DC&MP) and Experimental Higher Education.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin just celebrated its centenary. The university is a leader in research and education in Russia. Among the 450 programmes available, several are English-taught and suitable for international applicants.

The programmes are held in fields as psychology, biotechnology, personnel management, international management, design, philosophy, advertising and PR, computer science, astrophysics and astronomy, economics and IT. For example, Cognitive Neurosciences is a bachelor's degree programme. Its purpose is to train specialists in brain and neurocognitive processes research and modern neurorehabilitation. Graduates of the programme go on to work in leading scientific research institutes and neurorehabilitation and correctional educational centres in Russia and the world.

English-language programmes are also offered by the FEFU, SPbPU, NSU, IKBFU, NUST MISISTSU, ITMO, SUSU and other leading Russian educational organisations.

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