Student Successes

ITMO University is the alma mater of multiple winners of international programming competitions, including Yandex.Algorithm, ACM ICPC, Russian Code Cup, Topcoder Open, Facebook Hacker Cup, Google Code Jam, CodeGate and RuCTF.

ITMO University students were winners at the Taydzhin Cup android olympics and the international Fujino Cup dancing robots tournament.

Famous Graduates

Pavel A. Belov Doctor of science, developer of meta-materials for transmission of high-resolution images that several times exceed traditional optical systems in efficiency.
Alexander V. Boukhanovsky Doctor of science, professor, ideologist and one of creators of a unique decision-making system that helps protect St. Petersburg from floods. Author of several double degree programs.
Irine E. Bocharova Awardee of the Scopus Award Russia 2014 for outstanding results in IT, performed in cooperation with European colleagues.
Lev P. Boulat Doctor of science, professor, renowned specialist in thermoelectric conversion of energy with worldwide recognition.
Anatoly V. Fedorov Doctor of science, professor, renowned specialist in semiconductors, physics of quantum-dimensional systems, spectroscopy of semiconducting nanocrystals.
Alexander V. Baranov Doctor of science, professor, renowned specialist in experemental optical spectroscopy of complex molecules, carbon materials and semiconductor quantum nanostructures.
Anton F. Pyrkin Ph. D., proposed new control approaches that are widely published in journals and proceedings. Many of them are applied to the real robotic systems.