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Year of foundation: 1886

Total students: 9 914 / Pelajar-pelajar antarabangsa: 2 070

Fakulti-fakulti: 8 / Jabatan-jabatan: 58

Fakulti: 1 214

Para Profesor198 Profesor-profesor Madya530 Doktor-doktor Sains227 Calon-calon Sains637 Ahli-ahli fakulti antarabangsa11

Program pendidikan utama untuk calon-calon pelajar antarabangsa: 147

Program Sarjana Muda57 Program Sarjana53 Program pakar4 Latihan bagi individu berkelayakan tertinggi33

Program-program pendidikan tambahan untuk calon-calon pelajar antarabangsa: 42

Program-program latihan pra-universiti 4 Bahasa Rusia sebagai bahasa asing 9 Kursus-kursus jangka pendek 13 Kursus-kursus jangka pendek 16

Today, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI is among the best technical universities in Russia, in 2016 it turned 130 years old. It holds leading positions in the development of electronic, information and telecommunication, and information management systems and technologies, and life support and environmental protection technologies.

ETU LETI is an innovative university where research and teaching are closely intertwined. This guarantees a high-quality education and demand for its graduates.

Today, the mission of the university as a centre of education, science and culture consists of training highly qualified specialists in the following spheres:

  • Electronics
  • Electrical and radio equipment
  • Information technologies
  • Automation and control systems
  • Instrument engineering and biomedical technologies
  • Humanities and economics

ETU LETI boasts more than 50 research groups and modern laboratories which conduct research in the fields of electronics, radio physics, information and telecommunication systems, physics of solids, nanotechnologies, optoelectronics and quantum electronics, vacuum and plasma technologies, microwave and millimetre wave technologies, biomedical technologies, and more.

The university campus is composed of eight buildings with large classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and libraries where students have access to global information resources.

Our graduates are distinguished by their high competitiveness on the international labour market. St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI has significant experience in training cohorts for employment in foreign countries. We have been teaching international students for more than 60 years. During this time, 3550 Bachelors and Masters of engineering, 370 candidates and doctors of sciences were educated by the university, now employed across 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

ETU LETI offers 21 Bachelor's Programmes and 17 Master's Programmes. Most university programmes are taught in Russian. 6 Master's Programmes are available in English. We are proud of our history and traditions. We think about the future.