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Year of foundation: 1942

Total students: 14 878 / Pelajar-pelajar antarabangsa: 535

Fakulti-fakulti: 16 / Jabatan-jabatan: 105

Fakulti: 1 193

Para Profesor145 Profesor-profesor Madya620 Doktor-doktor Sains206 Calon-calon Sains694 Ahli-ahli fakulti antarabangsa4

Program pendidikan utama untuk calon-calon pelajar antarabangsa: 297

Program Sarjana Muda146 Program Sarjana130 Program pakar21

Program-program pendidikan tambahan untuk calon-calon pelajar antarabangsa: 2

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Samara University was founded after a merger of two famous institutions of higher education — SSAU and SamSU. Today, it is a unique science and education center that trains experts in the fields of aerospace technologies, fundamental technical, natural and humanitarian sciences.

The united university has 16 faculties. Students study cutting-edge biotechnologies design materials with specific properties, and develop new nanostructured materials. They can build and launch their own satellites into orbit, participate in designing spacecraft, and take part in various scientific experiments. 

Additionally, students also study fundamental social processes, work on preserving cultural and linguistic heritage, and train to become university professors and researchers.

They can make use of a 3D printer, the Sergey Korolev super-computer, and even their own test aerodrome. In the University’s design bureaus, students build Yastreb light aircraft, work on models of missile carriers that they regularly launch at the Biscarros Testing Grounds (France). The team of Samara University is the only Russian participant in the C’Space Festival.