French Nationals to Come to Siberia

12 December 2019
French Nationals to Come to Siberia

Russia’s TSU and France’s INALCO will launch student exchange.

Ethnographers of the Tomsk State University Institute of Archaeology, Ethnography, and Physical Anthropology established in 2019 and France’s National Institute of Oriental Language and Civilisations have signed a collaboration agreement. Student exchanges and joint projects will be launched in 2020. Early next year, TSU international and Russian masters students can go to Paris to study for one or two semesters and their French peers will come to Tomsk. Plans are in place for joint research projects in ethnography, anthropology, linguistics and culture studies and a virtual museum of ancient Siberia history. French partners are interested in studying the traditions, languages and religion of indigenous peoples of Siberia. INALCO representatives believe that practice in Siberia is a must for the international students who take a serious interest in Russia with its rich and diverse cultural history. To understand Russia, one cannot be limited to its European part.

National Research Tomsk State University is the first university established in Siberia. TSU has an extensive cooperation experience. It employs more than 100 research personnel from 12 countries, and provides training to more than 2,600 international students at various faculties and departments. The university offers 74 undergraduate and 109 graduate programmes. You can choose the appropriate programme on our website.