International BigData School Ends at TPU

03 December 2019
International BigData School Ends at TPU

The winner of the innovative big data project contest was announced.

All the teams that participated in the TPU school were international. Students from Russia, Finland, India, Ecuador, China and Thailand split into four teams on the cross discipline principle: each had representatives of different fields, from design engineers to sociologists and promoters.

The school topic was “Smart City Transport – Innovative Sustainable Solutions Using Big Data.” Participants examined the Tomsk transport system, analysed the most popular routes taken by students, processed the gathered data and offered solutions to optimise passenger flows. The projects were assessed based on technological effectiveness, social significance, feasibility and team cohesion. The team Engine Lab was declared the winner. The short programme also included lectures on economy, innovations and marketing solutions, sightseeing and a tour of Tomsk Electronic Company shops that manufactured high tech equipment for the oil and gasfield, petrochemical and metallurgical sectors.

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University is in the top ten of domestic universities. It offers a large choice of programmes in engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, photonics and instrument engineering, electric and heat power engineering, information technologies etc. Use our search tool to see TPU programmes.