Join Petersburg HSE Summer School!

05 July 2022
Join Petersburg HSE Summer School!

The International Saint Petersburg HSE Summer School invites students and graduates of Russian and foreign universities to take part in courses in Russian language and history, business and management, and data science. The Summer School will take place from July 18 to August 12. Participants of the Summer School will receive ECTS credits and certificates that grant admission benefits to HSE University. Classes will be held in English both online and offline. Regardless of the format of participation, we welcome everyone to visit this magnificent city on the Neva river, stay in one of the campus dormitories, and experience the unique atmosphere of St Petersburg through a cultural programme that includes a boat trip along famous drawbridges, rivers and canals, as well as excursions to museums.

The course Modern Russia: Language and Culture focuses on modern Russian language and culture. Participating in this course is the best way to acquire Russian language skills in a short time period. The curriculum includes a lot of practical elements: round table discussions, games, listening to dialogues, poems and musical compositions, watching videos in Russian, as well as reading texts and writing tasks.

In addition to practising Russian, participants of this year's Summer School will be able to discover a lot of new things about the history of St Petersburg. The course City as a Narrative: History, Culture, and Identity of Saint Petersburg aims to explore Russian culture, history and politics by looking at St Petersburg as one of the narratives of Russia’s identity within four dimensions: St Petersburg's 'European Identity'; Russia between the West and East; the key political metaphors of St Petersburg's collective memory; and principal perceptions of St Petersburg within Russia’s changing geopolitical landscape.

In addition to taking courses related to humanities, participants will get a chance to gain knowledge in an area that is in high demand today: data science. The course on Data Science for Marketing Analytics will introduce practical approaches to solving marketing problems using quantitative data. Using Excel and R, students will work with templates to solve real-world problems in various areas of analytics such as marketing research, customer analytics, social media analysis, advertising, and others.

And last but not least, business and management is another field of study present in the Summer School 2022 programme. The course Imagination and Creative Thinking is aimed at activating creative and innovative thinking, developing skills that could be used in social and business environment, improving work results in a company or starting a business. The course will introduce students to handy tools for increasing individual and team creativity.

More information can be found on the Summer School website.