KFU Summer School Invitation

13 May 2020
KFU Summer School Invitation
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The university offers online Russian language classes.

Kazan Federal University summer school of Russian language and culture will be held online this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Forty of the programme’s 60 classroom hours are devoted to practice, and the remaining 20 to the study of Russia, its culture, customs and specifics. Length of study is five weeks.

Applicants can choose the suitable time slot:

  • 1 June – 3 July 2020;

  • 15 June – 17 July 2020;

  • 29 June – 31 July 2020;

  • 13 July – 14 August 2020;

  • 3 August – 4 September 2020.

Classes are held for small groups of three to five people for better course material assimilation. Tuition fee: 54,000 rubles (approx.730 US dollars). Register on our website and write to KFU to request details or send an application.

Founded two centuries ago, Kazan Federal University has a large experience in teaching international students; it currently provides training to 5,573 foreigners. KFU International Linguistic Centre offers many courses in Russian as a Foreign Language to groups of learners and individuals.