MIPT TechnoCup Programming Olympiad

18 October 2019
MIPT TechnoCup Programming Olympiad

The winners applying to the university are entitled to admission preferences.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Bauman Moscow State Technical University are inviting Russian-speaking international schoolchildren in 8th - 11th grades to take part in the “Techno Cup 2020” programming Olympiad. The academic competition comprises online elimination rounds and finals. Participants can choose any of the elimination rounds. The first will take place at 14:00, Moscow time, on 26 October 2019; the second at 11:00, Moscow time, on 24 November. Those who wish to try problem solving and test their knowledge can participate in training rounds (the results are not taken into account) at 13:00 on 24 October and at 10:00 on 22 November. The candidates who successfully solve preliminary round problems will be invited to the finals to be held at MIPT, Bauman University and Russian regions. The list of venues will be published later. Preliminary registration is required.

Winners are entitled to various preferences depending on the university they will choose. For example, MIPT applicants can enter the university without entrance exams or get 100 Unified State Exam points in IT (the second incentive is for CIS schoolchildren planning to take the EGE exam. The winners who are admitted to MIPT can participate in an education development and design project implemented with the support of Russia’s Mail.Ru Group.