More Foreign Students Coming to KFU

05 September 2016
More Foreign Students Coming to KFU

Students from 86 countries are now enrolled at the university.

Whereas last year Kazan Federal University had 3292 foreign students, this year their number will reach 4200.

Admission of overseas students will end on October 1, and 1 469 new students have already commenced their studies at KFU. Roughly two-thirds of them come from the neighboring countries.

Medical programs, in particular General Medicine and Dentistry, are extremely popular with foreign students. This year, students from China, Germany, India, Israel, UAE and other countries, having won the knowledge and grades-based competition, account for a quarter of all students of the Fundamental Medicine and Biology Institute at KFU.

Selectivity rate of 10% does not scare them off, they come for high-quality education, not just a diploma. Another strength of KFU is its modern campus (students live and study in the Universiade Village) and research labs equipped with modern devices.

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