New Dormitories for International Students

24 July 2020
New Dormitories for International Students

Foreign nationals studying at Russian universities will enjoy more comfortable living conditions.

The "Education" national project envisions the building of new dormitories across Russia and renovation of existing ones. Tomsk Polytechnic University will completely overhaul its dormitory for international students. TPU got a 140-million-ruble subsidy for the purpose from the Russian Education Ministry. The works will be carried out in August through December. All utility lines will be replaced along with the heating, water/power supply, fire safety, and communications systems; the interior will be redone as well. The dormitory for 510 people accommodates students from India, Turkey, Iran, China, Vietnam, Germany and France. TPU has 14 dormitories with a total housing capacity of 6,000 students.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is currently building two dormitories for 1,000 places. MIPT will have 14 dormitories overall upon project completion.

Five new dormitories are being built in Kaliningrad for Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University students from India, Japan, China, Greece, Germany, Brazil, Uruguay and other countries. Each building has a housing capacity of 140 people. The project is expected to be completed by June 2021.

International students mostly live in university dormitories which offer all conveniences including furniture, appliances and the Internet. Many dormitories are apartment-type buildings with shower rooms and kitchens. The rent averages 1,000 to 2,000 rubles ($15-30) a month. Read more about housing for students here.