NSU Launched Its Fifth Course On Coursera

21 December 2020
NSU Launched Its Fifth Course On Coursera
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Novosibirsk National Research State University recently launched a new Seismic tomography course: look inside the Earth, dedicated to volcanic activity. This is the fifth NSU short-term programme on the Coursera online education platform.

The course includes 4 modules with 35 lectures. One of the modules, Look inside a volcano, contains unique videos of famous Kamchatka volcanoes. All the materials, algorithms, data for research and much more will be available to the participants. The course programme will be useful to both the experts and the beginners in earth sciences, geology and geophysics.

Four more NSU programmes are also available on Coursera. From Disease to Genes and Back is dedicated to medical genetics and therapies by identifying specific genes. Dermatology: Trip to skin will be useful both for dermatologists and anyone interested in the topic of skin health. For those interested in programming and operating data, the Cryptography: Boolean functions and related problems course, dedicated to data processing and protection, will be most fascinating. The programme MOOC: How to make a MOOC? will help you create your own online course. All courses are available in English and are free of charge.

Apply to an interesting program, and you will not only gain new knowledge but also be able to assess the level of education in one of the leading universities in Russia. You can also choose the NSU programme on our website and send a free application.