Samara University Olympiad: Grants for Belarussian Applicants

02 March 2020
Samara University Olympiad: Grants for Belarussian Applicants
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The competition is open to Belarussian schoolchildren in 10th and11th grades.

Minsk and Gomel will host the Samara University physics, mathematics, chemistry, social science and Russian language Olympiad for prospective undergraduate students. Winners get gifts and certificates awarding ten extra points to Samara University entrance score. Top scorers with the best results in three subjects win scholarships. The choice of subjects depends on the preferred field of study. For example, physics, mathematics and Russian are for engineering. Scholarship winners have to come for Samara Univerrsity summer aerospace school in July 2020.

To take part in the Olympiads, register on the university website and come to the Olympiad venue at the appointed time. You will need your passport or a scan of its main page and two photos 3x4 cm; online registration closes three days before the competition start date. Olympiad venues and time: Minsk, 21 Narodnaya Street, 10-13 March; Gomel, 17 Fedyuninsky Street, 15-18 March. See the examination schedule on the university website.

Samara University provides training in aircraft and rocket engineering. The university offers foreign nationals a large range of undergraduate, specialist and graduate programmes in this field. You can get quality education in other fields such as informatics and computer science, electric power and heat-power engineering, mathematics and mechanics, electronics, management etc. See the programmes here.