University of Tyumen Launches Mentorship Program

16 January 2017
University of Tyumen Launches Mentorship Program
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It's mission is to integrate international students in Russia.

Tyumen State University hosts more than 2,000 international students from the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America studying in both Russian and English-taught programmes. Coming to Russia can be a challenge for many students, especially those that do not speak the language or are unfamiliar with the culture. The mentors engage in a number of tasks with their students, like greeting them at the airport, showing them around the city, as well as helping with homework and documentation.

The curators organize interesting events, excursions, and trips. One such event includes a Russian conversation club to discuss various themes ranging from the peculiarities of life in Russia to Russian cultures and traditions. 
According to the foreign students themselves, the support program been immensely helpful. A student from Columbia Daniela Osorio Munoz remembered that the mentor met her at the airport and helped her get to the airport. “Without him, I would have gotten lost,” she noted.   

Furthermore, Bulgarian student Miroslav Katsarov remarked that having his mentor to help orientate him around the city has been quite beneficial: “With the help of my mentor, I filled out the contract for the dormitory, purchased a sim card, took care of my academic papers, registered with the local migration services, and met with my research director.” 

Other students also noted that the mentors helped them adapt to Russian realities. “Since my first day, my mentors helped me in buying a Russian phone card, getting to know the Russian banking system and in getting acquainted with the university facilities throughout the city,” notes Alexander Biagioni, a student from Italy. 

The program is useful even to the volunteers themselves, communicating with international students is useful for improving their language skills, as well as learning more about the cultures and traditions of different countries.  

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