Support of International Students

The Vice-Rector's Service for International Affairs provides support to international students and is made up of 3 departments:

  • International Admissions Office.
  • International Students Office (for queries regarding accommodation, residence, adaptation, insurance and current issues).
  • Visa and Registration Office (invitations, migration reporting, visa extensions).

Everyday Life of International Students

Spending your unforgettable student years in comfortable accommodation by the ocean is a dream that becomes a reality for all FEFU students.

The university campus on Russky Island was built in 2012 for the APEC summit and is considered the best campus in Russia and one of the best in the world.

This truly is a student city equipped with the latest technology. The vast complex is located on the shore of Ayaks Bay. The total area is approximately 800,000 square metres.

Currently, the FEFU campus contains:

  • 11 dormitories equipped with everything you need.
  • Educational buildings and laboratories.
  • Canteens, restaurants and cafes.
  • Stadiums, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, gyms and swimming pools.
  • Aquarium.
  • Technological park and student centre.
  • Park.
  • Beach and yacht club.
  • Creative centres.

All rooms in student accommodation are furnished (bed, desk with a mobile filing cabinet, chest of drawers and wardrobe, a chair and shelves). Each has a separate bathroom and refrigerator.

In student accommodation buildings are equipped with kitchens (electric hot plate, sinks and food preparation areas) and ironing and laundry facilities.

The university campus operates on the Smart Campus system, which includes a universal electronic card, access to electronic university services, and corporate and educational websites.

Campus congresses, exhibitions, and festivals, including international festivals are held at the FEFU exhibition centre. There are two large concert halls with 700 and 900 seats.

In the near future, joint teaching and research laboratories will be built for the university and the Far Eastern Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Leisure and Sport Events

The FEFU Creative Centre s one of the largest among Russian universities. More than 20 student groups have been established here, including choirs, vocal groups, musical ensembles, an Indian dance ensemble and a circus studio. Many of them are known not only in Vladivostok, but also all over the Far Eastern Region.

The largest chess club in the Maritime Territory has been created at the Centre, where the university team is also the best in the region.

The university's Pushkin Theatre is an important cultural centre in Vladivostok. Concerts, competitions and other events are regularly held there. Over 10 clubs, groups and studios work under the theatre's aegis.

In 2011, a KVN (Club of the Jolly and the Quick-Witted) League was created at the university. The best FEFU teams traditionally have had success in the territorial and regional leagues.

In addition, FEFU holds traditional student events:

  • Matriculation ceremony.
  • University day.
  • St. Tatiana's day.
  • "What? Where? When?" Games.
  • Starship Troopers of FEFU Festival.
  • Miss and Mr FEFU.
  • Reverence, Boldino Autumn and Ascent festivals.

There are several sports associations that operate in the university:

  • Main sports clubs (tennis, volleyball, basketball).
  • Swimming club (freestyle, aqua aerobics).
  • 4 martial arts clubs (kickboxing, capoeira, boxing, karate).
  • 11 fitness clubs.
  • 3 dance clubs (club mix, bellydance, go-go).

Employment of International Graduates

International graduates of FEFU go on to be employed in universities, transnational corporations, diplomatic offices and educational agencies in Russia and other countries worldwide.