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Ano de fundação: 1992

Total de estudantes: 40 300 / Estudantes estrangeiros: 3 500

Faculdades: 33

Professores: 3 700

Professores universitários482 Docentes893 Doutores de Ciências739 Candidatos de Ciências1 754 Professores estrangeiros120

Programas educacionais básicos para estrangeiros: 303

Licenciatura79 Mestrado168 Especialização1 Preparação de quadro altamente qualificado55

Programas educacionais adicionais para estrangeiros: 7

Programas de preparação pré-universitária 6 Estudo da língua russa como língua estrangeira 1

The Higher School of Economics is a national research university located in Moscow with branches in St. Petersburg, Perm and Nizhny Novgorod. HSE offers a wide range of educational programmes from Bachelor's and Master's Programmes to MBA, DBA and vocational professional education.

The fundamental nature of the education provided at HSE and the opportunity to take part in academic projects and research alongside with distinguished academics from Russia and around the world enables HSE graduates to achieve professional success even from their first year of studies.

The Higher School of Economics was the first Russian state university to hire foreign lecturers. Today over 100 lecturers from 25 countries work at the university.

HSE students regularly complete internships at leading international companies. The school's Career Development Centre provides career advice and support, while every year the business incubator holds a competition for start-ups, one of the largest in Russia.