Support of International Students

Foreign students of ETU get necessary support at our University. They can be met at the airport/railway station upon their arrival (the University renders assistance in transfer organisation on a fee-paid basis). They also obtain assistance with migration registration and getting medical insurance. Students work with tutors, who help them solve different problems and assist with necessary advice.

Various events are held at ETU that help students with social adaptation in an unknown city and country. ETU “LETI” also has the Centre for Vocational Adjustment and Employment Assistance, which helps students with job search.

Everyday Life of International Students

Foreign students of ETU are accommodated in comfortable student dormitories during their studies. The dormitories are situated within walking distance of the subway. 2 students live in each room.

Recreation rooms, rooms for studies, kitchens and gyms are fully equipped for comfortable and safe accommodation.

Employment of International Graduates

Graduates of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI including international graduates are employed at international companies such IBM, Medicine Equipment LTD, Euclid TechLabs (USA), and Xerox. Upon graduating from St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI, some students are employed by universities in their home country. For instance, the Vice-Rector of Hanoi Open University (Vietnam) is an ETU LETI graduate.