Support of International Students

Upon arrival in the city, international students of PetrSU are met by the staff at the station (bus or train), accompanied to the dormitory, and helped with settling in. Students also receive assistance in completing the documents needed for enrolment, studying and staying in Russia.

International students can always count on support in resolving personal issues. If necessary, employees of PetrSU accompany them to medical institutions, offices of the FMS, banks, etc.

In the first week of residence, organisational meetings are held where first-year students are introduced to the structure of the university, the terms and requirements of the educational process, sports and creative societies in the university, migration rules and internal regulations. Excursions around the university and Petrozavodsk are arranged. Throughout the period of study, individual and group consultations and discussions are regularly held on matters of academic progress, attendance of lectures, living conditions, compliance with migration law, etc.

Russian classmates are actively encouraged to work with international students. Together, they participate in and conduct their own cultural activities.

International students can participate in cultural activities of the university and the city (when accompanied by an employee or employees of the university). Excursions around Karelia are also organised for them.

Everyday Life of International Students

PetrSU has 9 comfortable dormitories for 3700 students with well-equipped sports facilities, study rooms and lounges. All buildings have modern fire safety systems, alarms and access control installed. Remodelling and maintenance has been carried out, and washing machines and electric plates have been installed.

The rooms have Internet access.

All the buildings are easily accessible by transport. In the near future, a network of bicycle paths will connect the academic and residential buildings of PetrSU.

Leisure and Sport Events

More than 30 creative societies have been founded at PetrSU. These include a choir, two theatres, several ensembles, studio pop vocals, various clubs, the club of lovers of modern literature, entertainment club, KVN team and other associations.

For sports you can sign up in one of 20 associations (skiing, volleyball, indoor soccer, martial arts, orienteering, weightlifting, judo, basketball, athletics, chess, checkers, go, Sambo, aerobics, tourism). Travel enthusiasts are welcome in the Sampo tourism club.

For training sessions and exercise, there is a stadium, ski slopes, swimming pool, and modern gyms. In fifteen years, PetrSU graduates have included 65 masters of sports and the university's athletes have won no less than 50 medals at European and world competitions.