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Ano de fundação: 1940

Total de estudantes: 8 824 / Estudantes estrangeiros: 444

Faculdades: 11 / Departamentos: 65

Professores: 711

Professores universitários53 Docentes276 Doutores de Ciências119 Candidatos de Ciências411 Professores estrangeiros23

Programas educacionais básicos para estrangeiros: 157

Licenciatura116 Mestrado36 Especialização5

Programas educacionais adicionais para estrangeiros: 21

Programas de preparação pré-universitária 5 Estudo da língua russa como língua estrangeira 1 Programas curtos 15

Petrozavodsk State University is one of the leading universities in the North-West of Russia, a classical university that offers a variety of modern programs at all levels of training - from the preparatory department to postgraduate studies. PetrSU is a leading international school for training programmers, a recognized leader in the field of medical education for foreigners, a unique research center in the field of indigenous languages ​​of the North.

  • PetrSU has trained over 70,000 highly qualified specialists

  • University specialists conduct international testing in foreign languages

  • Academic exchange programs with more than 20 foreign universities are available.

  • Every year dozens of international, all-Russian and regional scientific conferences and seminars are held at the base of the university

  • The university has a center that performs bilingual official translations, including notarized and apostille translations

  • The University has 16 modern educational buildings, a publishing house, a library with a fund of about 1.5 million books, a swimming pool and a botanical garden.

  • All 10 dormitories are in convenient transport accessibility.

  • PetrSU provides a large selection of summer and winter schools and short-term intensive educational programs.

  • According to the results of scientific research 117 patents for inventions were obtained

  • The only university where specialists in Finnish, Karelian and Vepsian languages ​​are trained

  • The university leads the way in programmer training. RealTrac technology for determining the location of objects developed in PetrSU won first place in the international competition of local positioning systems in Spain

PetrSU research activities:

  • PetrSU is a major research center in engineering, humanities and natural science

  • Over 100 cooperation agreements concluded with foreign universities and institutes

  • Currently collaborating with research centers and international organizations from 30 countries of Central and Northern Europe, Asia and the CIS

  • The University implements more than 300 scientific, educational and contractual projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Russian Humanitarian Fund, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, as well as by other Russian and foreign funds, enterprises and organizations

  • The activities of our own IT-park employees contribute to the development of high technologies in the Nordic countries and the Russian Federation in the field of ICT and microelectronics

Research areas:

  • programming and information technology

  • microelectronics and plasma research

  • mathematics

  • physics

  • medicine

  • biology

  • history

  • philology

  • political and social sciences

  • law and economics

  • problems of forestry, construction and agro-industrial complexes