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Ano de fundação: 1960

Total de estudantes: 30 000 / Estudantes estrangeiros: 7 500

Faculdades: 17 / Departamentos: 162

Professores: 2 810

Professores universitários334 Docentes638 Doutores de Ciências584 Candidatos de Ciências1 404 Professores estrangeiros27

Programas educacionais básicos para estrangeiros: 523

Licenciatura68 Mestrado172 Especialização11 Preparação de quadro altamente qualificado272

Programas educacionais adicionais para estrangeiros: 902

Estudo da língua russa como língua estrangeira 52 Programas curtos 50 Outros programas 800
  • Patents for inventions, utility models, industrial prototypes, selection achievements (including patents of the US, Japan, the CIS countries): 628 results of intellectual activity since 1998
  • Certificates of the Russian Federation for the programmes and databases: 175
  • Scientific discoveries: 1
  • The number of multiple access centers, equipped with modern equipment, and conducting scientific research in physics, chemistry, engineering design, nano- and biotechnology, medicine and pharmacy: 3
  • Scientific and university laboratories: more than 150
  • Scientific and educational centers: more than 30

RUDN University is a multidisciplinary higher educational institution with more than 30,000 undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students from 154 countries. Ethnic diversity is our distinctive feature. The multilevel system of higher education (Bachelors, Masters, PhD graduates, and residency trainees), 5 faculties, 11 institutes and 1 academy ensure the widest opportunities for high-quality education.

We cooperate with leading universities of Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, and China, with over 130 dual-degree programs. 25 Master's and Bachelor's Programs have been internationally accredited. We are a leader in the number of Master's Programs taught in English – currently there are over 50 of them.

Students of all majors and lines of study can obtain a translator's diploma, choosing from 12 foreign languages. In accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), each graduate will be given a Diploma Supplement.

RUDN university is historically considered to be strong in mathematics, medicine, chemistry, linguistics and teaching Russian as a foreign language.

RUDN University conducts fundamental and applied research in pharmacology, nanobiomedical technologies, telecommunication systems, mathematical forecast, geoinformatics, tropical agriculture, space economics using methods of economic-mathematical modeling and much more.