Support of International Students

SibFU has several divisions that provide support to foreign students and teachers in the field of cultural, consumer, and academic adaptation; in particular, the Office of International Relations has a department in charge of the social and cultural adaptation of foreigners. In addition, the Department of Migration Service provides visa support and migration registration and also organises activities to support the adaptation of finternational students and lecturers to everyday life, the educational and research environment, and the cultural space.

Everyday Life of International Students

All international students are provided with housing on campus in new dormitories with rooms arranged in blocks. The dormitories are conveniently located close to the buildings where classes are held as well as to the university laboratories and the library. Each residential unit in the dorm has two bedrooms, each for two or three students; there is also a bathroom and a kitchen with all the necessary equipment: an electric stove, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and an electric kettle. According to MON-2014 (All-Russian Independent Student Monitoring), the SibFU dormitory is the best in Russia. To maintain the health of its students, the university has two health centers, two medical centers, student health resorts, two recreational camps, and a sports camp.

Leisure and Sport Events

The university has modern sports infrastructure, including sports and recreation complexes, sports centers with swimming pools, stadiums, ski resorts, gyms, and courts.Each year the University hosts over 250 sporting events.

In 2019, Krasnoyarsk is to hold the XXIX World Winter Universiade. The Universiade Village will be located on the campus of SibFU and of the Academy of Winter Sports, the main site of the Universiade.

SibFU has a Student Culture Center, where students have an opportunity to engage in creative activities in some of the 85 artistic unions. Over 150 cultural events are held every year. Each year the university’s foreign students also take part in the city-wide inter-university festival "Students without Borders".