Applicants from 48 Countries Admitted to Samara University

23 September 2019
Applicants from 48 Countries Admitted to Samara University
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Aerospace and aircraft engineering were the most popular programmes.

In 2019, Samara University admitted 396 foreign nationals from Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and former Soviet republics. Of those, 339 enrolled in undergraduate programmes, 49 in masters programmes and eight in PhD programmes. A majority of the first years chose self-funded study. The most sought-after programmes in the field of aerospace engineering were Rocket Complexes and Astronautics, Technical Maintenance of Aircraft and Aircraft Engines, Aircraft Engineering, Technology of Transportation Processes, and Aircraft Engines. Some preferred Electronics and Nanoelectronics. This year saw a high demand for humanities including Philology, Linguistics, International Relations and Jurisprudence. Among the popular English-taught programmes were Composition and Design of Gas Turbine Engines and Power Plants and High Technology Business Management.

Samara University specialises in providing training in aircraft and rocket engineering. Students gain theoretical knowledge and practice a lot. The university has a training airfield, engine and aircraft design labs and a supercomputer. Samara University also offer quality humanities education. As many as 297 Russian and English medium programmes are available to prospective international students. Tuition fees range from 123,500 rubles to 280,000 rubles a year ($1,900 to $4,300).

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