Classical Russian education is among the best in the world, - Tewodros Baza says

19 August 2021
Classical Russian education is among the best in the world, - Tewodros Baza says

Tewodros came from Ethiopia and got a master’s degree in English with honors. In this interview, he answered why he decided to study in Russia, what differs Russians from Ethiopians, what a builder does and how one can get excellent marks only.

What inspired you to study in Russia?

I knew Russia is a technically advanced country. Classical Russian education is among the best in the world. It was my dream to study here, and it came true. Diverse cultures, languages, and directions, knowledge actually did.

What are the differences between Ethiopians and Russians?

Each nation is beautiful in its own way. In Ethiopia, there are more than 80 ethnic groups with their own languages and cultures. Our people are kind and hospitable.

Russian people are kind and hospitable, too, and also very supportive. Russians have their own traditions, beliefs, and culture. Friendship is one of the most important things to them. A friend can be closer than a relative. Russians are not used to smiling without a good reason for it, in public places they prefer to look concentrated. But among their friends, colleagues, or family they relax instantly, crack jokes and laugh a lot.

What surprised you in Moscow?

The wide roads, even in the center of the city, did. I hear, some of them were constructed to let airplanes land during the war. The long and cold winter astonished me, and also the beautiful autumn and hot summer. And the transport system is fantastic, the magnificent, big and deep metro stations built with so much engineering knowledge and creativity.

How can foreigners quickly get used to the new environment?

My advice is:

* observe your own reactions to the changes,

* socialize, meet new people and get to know their lifestyle,

* don’t judge, take everything with an open and positive way of thinking,

* try the new lifestyle, when you learn it.

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