HSE Intake 2019 Results

11 October 2019
HSE Intake 2019 Results
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The university admitted 2,052 applicants from 101 countries.

Higher School of Economics admitted 1,197 foreign nationals to undergraduate programmes, 821 to graduate programmes and 34 to PhD programmes. A majority of the first-years came from former Soviet republics including Uzbekistan (388), Kazakhstan (315), Moldova (129), Belarus (108), Kyrgyzstan (108), Ukraine (100), Tajikistan (34), Latvia (28), Armenia (26), Azerbaijan (23) and Turkmenistan (13). Asia was represented by China (87), Vietnam (41), India (25), Mongolia (21), Indonesia (17), South Korea (15) and Thailand (9) as well as by Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Singapore and Japan. In Europe, the origin countries were Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Romania, Albania and Cyprus. North and South Americas were represented by the USA, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Guatemala. The origin countries in Africa were Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Congo, Burkina Faso, Chad etc. Australia was also represented.

Economics was the most popular field chosen by 139 students. Among other popular fields were design, business management, software engineering, applied mathematics and informatics, business informatics, jurisprudence and management. Some preferred English-taught programmes such as International Business and Management, the double degree undergraduate programme in economics implemented jointly with the University of London and graduate programmes International Business, International Relations: European and Asian Studies, Data Sciences and Political Analysis and Public Politics.

Higher School of Economics is a prestigious Russian university with campuses in Moscow, St Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Perm. Initially focused on economics, HSE diversified its fields of study over time and currently offers training for nearly any profession, from philologist to IT specialist. Double degree programmes in collaboration with international universities are quite popular. HSE plans to launch programmes in geography and geoinformation technologies in 2020. Find more information about the university here.

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