HSE: Two More Programmes Receive Prestigious Accreditation

05 October 2020
HSE: Two More Programmes Receive Prestigious Accreditation

The Higher School of Economics has once again confirmed the international level of its' education. The Sociology and Comparative Social Research programmes have received ZEvA accreditation for six years.

ZEvA (Zentrale Evaluations- und Akkreditierungsagentur) is an international agency for evaluating the quality of higher education following the European Standards and Recommendations (ESG). Commission of experts from the leading European universities noted not only the high quality of education at the HSE but also such factors as studying conditions, student involvement in the educational process, their communication skills, motivation and many others. ZEvA representatives remarked that the HSE graduates "have high chances of finding employment in various professional fields."

The Sociology bachelor's program prepares specialists with the necessary skills for analytical work in the economic, political or social fields. Research activities and practical disciplines are paid significant attention during this programme which is taught both in Russian and English.

The second programme, master's in Comparative Social Research, is also in English and will enable students to deeply examine the theoretical disciplines and methodologies in sociology, as well as gain research experience. The programme takes place in Moscow and St. Petersburg under the guidance of Russian and international academics. Graduates receive double diplomas within the partnership with European universities and can build successful careers in prestigious consulting, marketing, humanitarian organizations, research centres, etc.

These are not the first HSE programmes to receive ZEvA accreditation. You can also choose one of the following: Political Science and World Politics, Comparative Politics of Eurasia, International Private Law, Law of International Trade, Finance and Economic Integration, Political Science, Applied Political Science Politics-Economy-Philosophy. In 2019, the HSE Finance programme also received the EPAS accreditation and became the first one in Russia.

Socio-economic specialities remain the most in-demand in the modern world, and Russian universities' programmes meet the highest international standards. You can choose the best profession for yourself on our website now!
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