MISIS to Send Schoolchildren to Artek Camp

04 February 2020
MISIS to Send Schoolchildren to Artek Camp
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Contest winners are entitled to Crimea holiday packages.

From 2 April to 22 April 2020, National University of Science and Technology MISIS will run the School of Engineering Solutions theme programme at Artek, an international children’s recreation centre in the Republic of Crimea. Russian-speaking schoolchildren aged 14 to 17 from any country have the opportunity to take part in a contest and win a free voucher for a holiday in Artek where they can join a dedicated materials science programme. As an extra bonus, the victory will be counted as individual achievement of prospective MISIS applicants.

In Artek, children will study materials and technologies for renewable sources of energy, learn about alternative energy, try teamwork and have a very good time at one of the best children’s holiday centres.

To take part in the contest you have to be a winner of one or several competitions or Olympiads; see their list on the MISIS website. Application deadline: 15 February 2020. National University of Science and Technology is located in Moscow. A top engineering education provider, it offers programmes in metallurgy, materials science, mining engineering, nanotechnology etc. Find more information about the university here.

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