Russia, Cambodia Sign Academic Degrees Recognition Agreement

14 November 2019
Russia, Cambodia Sign Academic Degrees Recognition Agreement

From now on, Russian and Cambodian applicants and graduates do not have to verify their degrees or qualifications.

The agreement on mutual recognition of education documents, qualifications and academic degrees between Moscow and Phnom Penh has come into force. Russian universities have dropped the recognition procedure for school certificates and bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees from Cambodian education centres. The same applies to Russian universities’ degrees of various levels. Cambodian nationals who graduated from a state-accredited Russian university can pursue further education or get a job in their field of study upon arrival in their home country. They do not have to take examinations to verify their qualifications.

The agreement is a benchmarr in the development of Russian-Cambodian partnership in education. Cambodian nationals enrol at Russian universities every year. They tend to choose such fields as nuclear powr engineering, medicine, civil engineering and international relations.

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