Students of NUST MISIS Preparatory department won the International Russian language Olympiad

19 May 2022
Students of NUST MISIS Preparatory department won the International Russian language Olympiad

Mukhammadyusuf Ibodidinov and Aliaskarkhon Aliyev from Tajikistan are students of the Preparatory department for foreign citizens at NUST MISIS, and they became winners of the International Olympiad in the Russian language and subjects in Russian, organized by Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.

The Olympiad was held from February to April among students of preparatory faculties and departments of Russian universities.

At the first stage of the competition, NUST MISIS students demonstrated both a high degree of proficiency in Russian, and good knowledge of Russian history, literature, and culture. For the final stage of the Olympiad participants prepared short video presentations. Mukhammadyusuf spoke about the reasons why he loves Russia and the Russian language, and Aliaskarkhon presented his motivation to become an IT specialist.

Both students are in MISIS Preparatory department’s engineering, technical and technological track. As part of their course, students learn Russian, mathematics, physics, and computer science.

More than 700 students have already completed their training at the Preparatory department of NUST MISIS, and 80% of them have become the university’s students. Joining the Preparatory department is an opportunity for foreigners to learn the Russian language and the professional terms used in the main subjects at technical universities.

In addition to classes, students take part in cultural, sports and adaptation events. The university’s staff discuss with foreign students legal norms in Russia, security issues, rules of living in a hostel, actions in case of an emergency (ambulance, police, embassy contacts etc.), healthcare matters, as well as visa processing.

School graduates, bachelors and masters of sciences who wish to continue their education in Russia may join NUST MISIS Preparatory department.

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