The life of Vietnamese students in Russia

11 November 2021
The life of Vietnamese students in Russia

Russia is one of the best options for Vietnamese students who want to study abroad, both because of the good relations between Vietnam and Russia, and because of the wide variety of academic programs. The National Research University ITMO has a long history and today is one of the leading universities in Russia. Currently, about 160 Vietnamese students study at ITMO in three main areas: IT, mechanics, and optics.

Even being far from home, Vietnamese students always remember their homeland and the main national holidays. The Youth Union regularly organizes joint events, such as the Fall Football Tournament, the Lunar New Year celebrations, E-sports and Chess Tournaments, that help young people get closer to each other and feel less homesick. In addition, Vietnamese students actively participate in meetings with students from other countries, which promotes cultural exchange. An example of such events is the Festival of Nationalities.

Recently, to celebrate the Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20, ITMO organized a special program for girls named ‘A Day To Remember’. The young men congratulated 26 girls from Vietnam, guests from other universities were also present at the ceremony. The program was opened by a dance performance prepared by the freshmen. The show also included musical pieces, quizzes, card tricks and bold Vietnamese-style games: for example, their participants were to move the ball without using their arms. All the girls who were at the celebration got gifts.

Source: ITMO University

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