Total Dictation 2019

28 March 2019
Total Dictation 2019

Foreign nationals can test their knowledge of Russian.  

Russia will hold the nationwide Total Dictation proficiency test on 13 April 2019. Native speakers and foreign learners of Russian are welcome. It is an excellent opportunity for them to recall spelling and punctuation rules and enrich their knowledge. In 2019, Tallinn was selected as the Total Dictation capital. The text will be read by the author, Russian writer and critic Pavel Basinsky. The dictation can be written all over the world. The venues are available on the Total Dictation Website. Select the continent, country and town to see the list of venues. You can also take the test online. Preliminary registration on the Total Dictation website is required. Registration starts on 3 April.

Foreigners who do not speak Russian well enough can take the TRuD test, an easy version of Total Dictation. They can choose to do any number of the ten tasks. Those who feel confident in their skills can take the whole test and then write an extract from the Total Dictation text. Regardless of the option you choose, the organisers recommend you to prepare for the test. The Total Dictation website offers study materials designed by Novosibirsk State University. Also, 14 countries (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kazakhstan etc) run free face-to-face Russian language courses. You can also test your Russian language proficiency on our website.

Russia has held Total Dictation since 2004. It was initiated by Novosibirsk State University humanities students. Novosibirsk was the host city of the Total Dictation for the first seven years before the test went international. In 2018, it involved more than 227,000 participants across 76 countries.

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