TPU becomes an environmental sciences development centre

15 February 2021
TPU becomes an environmental sciences development centre
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The development of environmental initiatives and educational programmes is one of the most promising and innovative education directions of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Every year hundreds of specialists in ecology, agriculture, geology, biotechnology and others build successful careers after receiving the prestigious TPU diploma.

In February 2021, Tomsk Polytechnic University launches a new master's programme for future environmental engineers – Environmental Engineering and Sustainability. This programme is unique for Russia and will allow you to gain fundamental knowledge in ecology and get introduced to modern trends in the launch and management of sustainable business and production. During the programme, students will dive deep into the complexities of environmentally friendly handling of raw materials at all stages – from extraction to disposal of the final product. The programme also includes a GIS Technologies in Geosciences module, which will help you master the basics of working with big data and visualizing results in the form of maps, charts and graphs. The programme is available both in Russian and in English.

You can become a next-generation ecological engineer and help businesses reduce environmental and financial risks, optimize production from the point of view of environmental impact in absolutely any field – from gold mining to the production of goods from recycled plastic.

TPU actively cooperates with international universities in France and China. During the programme, educators from partner universities will hold joint seminars and lectures. Also, students will be able to participate in academic mobility programmes and take internships.

The university also runs several environmental PhD programmes. Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology explores the neutralization, operation and disposal of industrial waste. The Earth Sciences programme will allow you to examine the theory and methodology of geoecology.

In 2020 TPU became the first Russian organizer of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge: reforest international annual competition. The participants' work aims to find ways to accelerate the reforestation after the devastation in Siberia and Australia using the most modern and innovative technologies in the world. You can still participate – registration is open until February 28, 2021. TPU has already received student applications from more than 40 different universities from Russia and ten other countries. The competition finale will take place in June 2021.

Tomsk Polytechnic University is an educational organization with a 125-year history. Its popularity among international applicants grows every year. Today 28% of TPU students are representatives of completely different countries and cultures. With the help of the search service on our website, you can choose TPU educational programme for any level, submit a free application and become a highly qualified specialist in any field!

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