University of Tyumen launches an online course in biopsychology

14 April 2021
University of Tyumen launches an online course in biopsychology
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On April 6, 2021, a new School for Advanced Study project launched at University of Tyumen. The Selected Topics in Biopsychology open online course is taught in English and studies human behaviour and the brain's hidden capabilities.

The course consists of 8 lectures and will run until April 30. During each broadcast, you can ask questions during live streams on YouTube or watch the recording later. Ayla Arslan, a molecular neuroscientist, will be leading the course.

Biopsychologists are engaged in creating effective technologies for studying the functions and hidden capabilities of our brain and are developing new methods of treating even the most complex neurological and psychological cases.

Also, consider the Biology (Life Sciences) bachelor modular programme in English. The general course includes biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, genome biology, neurobiology, psychology. Interesting elective classes are available to choose from, and from the third year - one of seven specializations.

Expertise in biopsychology will allow you to become one of the first specialists in this modern field. University of Tyumen offers programmes of all academic levels in Biological Sciences and Psychological Sciences and more than 80 others. Choose the one that suits you the best and send your applications through our website right now!

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