International Students Dormitories

Is there a dormitory for international students at the university? There are no separate dormitories for foreign students, as they are placed together with Russian students in order to integrate quicker into Russian culture, get familiar with the University and city life and develop their language skills. All new dormitories (built in 2012 or later) and those that are currently being built are accommodated with bathrooms and kitchens. The rest of the dormitories are corridor and block types with shared bathrooms and kitchens on each floor. All buildings are renovated.
Is the dormitory far from academic buildings? All dormitories are in the walking distance from study campuses.
How many people live in one room? The students are provided with two- and three-place accommodations.
Where are the facilities situated (shower, WC)? In apartment dormitories the facilities are located directly in the apartment. In the corridor and block type dormitories common facilities are situated on each floor.
Where is the kitchen situated? Is it equipped with home appliances and utensils In apartment dormitories kitchen is located directly in the apartment. In the corridor and block type dormitories kitchen is situated on each floor. The kitchens are equipped with electric cookers, microwave ovens and a basic set of utensils.
What does university provide for students when they move in? Upon arrival, students are provided with the following furniture: bed, wardrobe, table, chair, bedside table, as well as a mattress, blanket, pillow and bedclothes.
Is there Wi-Fi at the dormitory? There is free wifi in the dormitories. Students can get access via an individual login and password.
Does the dorm building have additional facilities? In all buildings there are free laundries, work gyms, room for studying and recreation.
What is the monthly fee for dormitory? On average, accommodation costs 1210 rubles per month, the cost depends on the type of accomodation.