Faculty of Computer Technologies and Informatics "FKTI"

Faculty of Computer Science and  Technology was organized  in 1931. It was the first in department the country for teaching in the areas related to computer equipment, software, information systems and technology, computer security.

It is the largest faculty of the University,  preparing IT specialists corresponding to the world standards.

There are bachelor, master and postgraduate courses.

The main objective of scientific researches of the facuty is concentration of potential of research and educational personnel in creation of technologies of new knowledge generation and their commercialization in the advanced enterprises and companies of Russia. Among priority directions of scientific researches at the faculty are artificial neural networks in control systems and digital information processing, management in structurally difficult dynamic systems, management and diagnostics on the basis of neuro – fuzzy technologies, recognition of images and processing of images and many others.

Scientists of the faculty with LETI’s  strategic partners accomplish actual research and original applied developments and numerous of them win the relevant national competitions and receive state support. Among the most significant of such developments is the integrated project "Creation of hi-tech production of hydroacoustic stations for the prevention of emergency situations at oil and gas production platforms in ice conditions".

Faculty of Economics and Management "FEM"

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" Faculty of Economics and Management, established in 1928, originally provided advanced training to engineers. FEM’s present-day mission is to transfer international community’s skills and competences in science, management and technology to the society to facilitate its economic development through university graduates’ knowledge, modern research, know-how and consulting.

FEM offers two-tier education: bachelor’s degree (2 years) and master’s degree (4 years).

Three-year postgraduate programmes are available as well.

The faculty trains specialists in

  • Management

  • Quality Management

  • Innovations

It operates Information Technology in Business laboratory with research and education capacity, Education Quality Management Centre and Information and Guidance Centre. FEM boasts lab space with unique state-of-the-art equipment, a major asset in its internationally recognised research and researched-based education it provides. Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, jointly with FEM, played a major role in shaping the quality education management system at Russian universities.

Demonstrating a successful development strategy, FEM is Russia’s leader in quality management. In 2010, FEM Management and Quality Systems Department opened a branch at Certification Association “Russian Register,” the biggest internationally recognized Russian certification and expert organization. It presented an opportunity to students, postgraduates and teachers to participate in planning and conducting audits and certification of quality management systems at commercial and state-owned companies. They could henceforth review the newest audit methodology and current research tracks pursued by International Standards Organisation committees.

FEM has partnership relations with Russia’s large leading companies and centres. A consortium of business and science secures sustainable development of the sector and prompt linking of theory with market-dictated practical needs. The prominent business people involved in teaching are a visual example of successful career cases and a powerful incentive for students.

Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" is proud to be the only university in Russia which is a member of EUN.TQM (The European Universities Network for Total Quality Management). EUN.TQM trains MSs in the field of quality management.

FEM liaises with leading EUN.TQM universities and develops its education programs to meet high international standards.

FEM offers internship and partial study abroad scholarship for a range of programmes.

A FEM graduate is a specialist having profound knowledge in natural sciences with matching training in engineering. Theoretical and practical skills in economics, management, marketing, quality management and innovations enable young specialist to cope with challenges in their work.

The faculty marked its 15th anniversary in 2014; its alumni are doing well at science-intensive innovative companies, consulting and audit firms and financial institutions.
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automatics "FEA"

Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering was founded in 1920 being one of the first ones at LETI.

There is two-level system of training at the faculty that allows its graduates to be integrated into the European zone of higher education and to participate in international programs of academic mobility.

There are following educational directions of full-time study:

  • 27.04.04 "Management in technical systems"
  • 13.04.02 "Electroenergetics and Electrical Engineering"
There are ten new educational and scientific laboratories equipped with advanced industrial equipment and created together with the largest companies. They are equipped with modern educational and research stands and multimedia equipment, that help with realization of research purposes and tasks.

The faculty cooperates with both domestic and foreign companies. Partners in the Russian Federation are: JSC “EleSi” (electronic systems) (Tomsk), CJSC “Avtomatika RUS” (St. Petersburg), JSC “Kovrov Electromechanical Plant” (Kovrov), LLC “Simens” (St. Petersburg), CJSC “Navis” (St. Petersburg), HC "Constellation of Aquarius" (St. Petersburg), HC "Leninets" (St. Petersburg) and many others. The foreign enterprises - partners of the faculty are: "Schneider Electric", "Eurodrive", "Omron Electronics", "Autodesk", "Inductoheat", "Siemens", "ABB-Dortmund", "SMS Elotherm", "FP&HO", "INL". 
Besides, the faculty carries out international activity with higher education institutions abroad. For example, since 2006 the faculty has realized joint educational program in equipment and automation together with Lappeenranta university of Technology (Finland) for training of masters according to "Two Diplomas" scheme.

The aim of the program is training of qualified specialists familiar with the European standards and the latest developments in electrical equipment and automation for development of  Russian-Finnish joint ventures in the northwest federal district of the Russian Federation and the southeast of Finland. 
Graduates of the faculty work as designers, developers, engineers, project managers in the areas of oil and gas industry, power, equipment of civil aviation, shipbuilding, instrument making, mechanical engineering and other perspective industries.

Faculty of Electronics "FEL"

Faculty of Electronics of "LETI" is one of the leading scientific and educational centers of Europe in the field of high technologies of modern electronics.
In the Russian Federation the faculty is the founder of x-ray, vacuum and plasma electronics, electronics of ultrahigh frequencies, solid-state electronics, optical and quantum electronics, nanotechnologies.

There is two-level system of education: bachelor degree and master course. Also there is a possibility of training in postgraduate study.

Bachelor programs:

  • Electronics and nanoelectronics
  • Nanotechnologies and microsystem equipment 

Master programs:

  • Semiconductor optoelectronics
  • Physics and technology of laser and optical-electronic systems
  • Quantum and optical electronics
  • Microwave and Telecommunication electronics
  • Electron Devices and Applications
  • Nanotechnology and Diagnostics
  • Nanoelectronics and Photonics
  • Nano- and Microsystems Technology
  • Physical Electronics

At the faculty there is a center of nanotechnologies on technical equipment of the European level in microsystems.
Faculty of Electronics is among leaders of scientific groups in the world research and application of ferroelectric materials at ultrahigh frequencies (according to the MEMS Investor Journal magazine).

Among industrial partners of the faculty are Siemens, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, LG ELECTRONICS, MOTOROLA, MEGAFON, ELMOS Semiconductor AG, Physics and technology institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of chemistry of silicates of Russian Academy of Sciences and many others.

Faculty of Humanities "GF"

Established in 1989, GF became one of the first humanities faculties at Petersburg engineering universities. Training in liberal arts has been provided by top Petersburg teachers since 1993.

GF LETI currently has more than 700 students; over 1,000 students have got their degrees from the faculty since its establishment. LETI was the first university in Russia to launch a public relations programme. Though more than 200 universities across Russia offer PR degree programmes, LETI Public Relations Department has kept the reputation of a top provider of education in business communications in Russia’s second largest city and elsewhere in the country.

Faculty graduates are professional communicators in the international arena easily navigating through business environment.

Student self-fulfilment in studies, career or outside one’s specialty is a key faculty priority. GF established ties and signed cooperation agreements with foreign universities. Towson University (Maryland, USA), University of Bedfordshire (Luton, Great Britain) and a UK language school are its long-standing reliable partners. Students have the opportunity to join exchange programmes with these universities, acquire practical skills in developing joint projects and exchange professional experience.

In the course of their studies, future advertising and PR professionals and specialists in cross-cultural communication can engage in a multitude of interesting and creative projects. As part of their education, students can also attend workshops, conferences and exhibitions as well as master classes conducted by well-known experts.
Faculty of Information, Measurement and Biotechnical Systems "FIBS"

Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems was founded in 1999. Today the sphere of interests of the FIBS collective located at the junction of many areas of science, technique and technologies in the field of information-measuring, navigation, acoustic, biomedical systems, environmental engineering.

There are bachelor, master and postgraduate courses .

One of priority activities of the faculty is implementation of research work in measuring computing systems with application of gis-technologies, micromechanical sensitive elements for strap down inertial systems of navigation and orientation, creation of express optical spectral methods of environmental monitoring of environment.

Graduates of the faculty work in development and research of information and measuring, acoustic, laser, navigation systems, systems of nondestructive control in instrumentation technology, automotive industry, shipbuilding, development and release of medical devices and systems and other fields of research.

Faculty of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications "FRT"

FRT develops scientific traditions of the founder of native school of radio engineering, the inventor of radio professor A.S. Popov.

FRT prepares specialists of all levels for such spheres of activity as space-and ground-level location, navigation and management of all modes of transport, satellite and cellular communication, personal telecommunications services, computer system of collection and processing of information, means of mobile connection, audio-visual, high-frequency and microwave technique, computer-aided design of radio-electronic means, analog and digital microcircuitry.

The faculty carries out training of Bachelors and Masters . The faculty cooperates with universities of Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden, the People's Republic of China, the USA, England, Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland.