Support of International Students

Several offices of the International Cooperation Department have a tailored approach to supporting international students and lecturers concerning cultural, everyday, and academic adaptation in SibFU: 

International Students Recruitment advises and accompanies students at each stage of the admission process.

International Students and Staff Support Office meets and accommodates students, provides linguistic support in the protocol office, a bank, or a hospital.

The protocol office provides visa support and migration registration. 

Everyday Life of International Students

Three dormitory types are available for international students:  apartment-type (single, double, triple rooms), section-type, or corridor-type. The dorms are located next to the academic buildings, the university laboratories, and the library. The kitchen in the dormitory is equipped with an electric stove, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a kettle.  The SibFU dorms were recognized as the best in Russia according to the results of the All-Russian student competition in 2014. The university operates several health centers, two medical centers, and a sports and health camp for maintaining the health of students. 

Leisure and Sport Events

The SibFU’s modern sports infrastructure includes fitness centers, sports facilities, equipped with swimming pools, stadiums, 3 ski resort facilities, and 13 sports halls. Every year about 250 sports events are held in SibFU. 

The university annually hosts more than 150 cultural events. There are about 85 artistic groups at the university: singers, dancers, actors.