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More than fifteen thousand students from all over the world have participated in the SPbPU supplementary education programmes during the fifty plus years of their existence. SPbPU guarantees full compliance of its educational programmes with requirements of the RF Ministry of Education. Notably, the students who are studying under the programme of supplementary education at SPbPU spend more than 50% of all educational process in studying Russian under the guidance of highly qualified specialists. These programmes were developed with thorough consideration of the results of researches on international students’ adaptation.

Programmes of the pre-university tutorial are necessary for the students of Bachelor, Specialist, and Master’s degree and postgraduate students intending to study at Russian universities. In this case, besides perfecting and systematization of their knowledge in the field-specific disciplines, they also master in oral and written Russian and improve their language skills through communications with native speakers. For engineering majors in pre-master year special groups are formed starting the second semester to offer an insight into particular areas of the major field of study and language tuition.

At SPbPU, foreign students may take courses of supplementary education on both fee paid and budget-funded basis. The budget-funded education should be based on a quota received from the Russian Ministry of Education.

In the process of their education, the students can use to the full extent the functional of the library fund, electronic resources, special computer and lingaphone auditoriums, and wireless Internet provided at the university campus.

At the end of the educational process, the students should pass tests and receive certificates. Students completing tuition in a program offered by SPbSTU are eligible to apply for Bachelor and Master degrees at SPbSTU upon taking the admission interview.

Students can choose from three supplementary educational programmes:

“University Foundation Standard Program”
Admission period: 01.09 – 31.10
Studies are carried out in engineering, humanitarian, and economic fields

“University Foundation Intensive Program”
Admission period: 01.11 – 01.12
Studies are carried out in engineering, humanitarian, and economic fields

Russian Language Courses on “Preparation for University Enrollment: Russian as a Foreign Language”
Admission period: 01.09 – 01.12
Studies are carried out in the humanitarian field with advanced language learning.