Preparatory Department for International Applicants

Other types of training

The preparatory faculty of Tomsk State University is designed for students willing to study Bachelor’s, Specialist or Master’s degree in Russian language. Prospective students can apply for a scholarship (a quota of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation) or on a contractual basis (tuition fee). TSU organizes standard one-year preparatory courses starting in September and in October. 

Besides Russian language training, preparatory faculty has additional courses which can be chosen by students depending on study profile: humanities (History of Russia, Journalism), natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry), technical science (Mathematics, Information Technology).

At the end of the course students must take Russian language test. Students who pass the test successfully receive certificates proving their level of proficiency (B1 level). In addition, students who plan to enter Bachelor’s degree shall take exams depending on their chosen study profile. Those exams are going to be considered as entrance examinations for the programmes. For students, who intend to continue Master’s degree, subject courses are not obligatory. 

Contact: Darya AlexandrovnaTarakanova
Phone: +7 (3822) 785 607 

Preparatory Faculty for Russian and the CIS applicants

The Russian applicants, and also citizens of the CIS, who are interested in studying Russian language in TSU, can have training tests for university entrance or the USE (Unified State Examination). Such courses will help applicants to improve their results of entrance examinations and school contests; and will allow to get acquainted with university educational system. These courses also develop various skills such as group work and leadership.

The training takes from two to eight weeks. There is one lesson per week, calculated for 4 academic hours. Also, in-depth individual courses (3 academic hours per week) are implemented for 10 and 11 grade students. Lessons are held in the afternoon so that there are no coincidences with other responsibilities: from 16:35 to 20:00 or from 18:10 to 21:20. Classes can be held on Sundays. Students who have mastered the entire educational programme receive TSU certificates.

Address: the main building of TSU (Lenin, 36), Aud. 132
Phone: +7 (3822) 526-312