8 Russian Universities Are Featured Among the Best 100 in Webometrics Ranking

09 February 2017
8 Russian Universities Are Featured Among the Best 100 in Webometrics Ranking
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The study measures the presence of a university in the Internet.

Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is launched twice a year, in summer and winter. Spanish research group Cybermetrics Lab is the conductor of study. Quality and content of the websites, the amount of published materials, their position in the search engines and the total reference count to a University in the Internet are taken into account.

Indicators on these four parameters are summarized, so the total score is obtained, according to which university rankings is made. In total 25000 Universities were examined in January 2017, 12000 of them were published in the ranking results. Russia is represented by 405 Universities, 8 of them are among top 1000: Moscow State University (MSU, No. 216), Saint Petersburg State University (SPbSU, No. 526), Novosibirsk State University (NSU, No. 548), Higher School of Economics (HSE, No. 699), National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI» (MEPhI, No. 802), ITMO University (ITMO, No. 836), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT, No. 871) and Tomsk State University (TSU, No. 969). Many universities have improved their results since July 2016. For example, Samara University gained in the rankings 868 points (from 2464 to 1596), Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) – by 451 points (from 2201 to 1750), TSU – by 136 points (from 1252 to 1116 rank). 

More details about the performance of Russian Universities in other global education rankings you may read here.

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