Admissions campaign-2021 has launched: send your application to the university right now!

18 November 2020
Admissions campaign-2021 has launched: send your application to the university right now!

The admissions campaign for the 2021/2022 academic year has officially started on November 1. Prestigious Russian universities are ready to accept your applications for a whole range of educational programmes. Bachelor, master or preparatory department and distance courses – the choice is up to you.

In August 202, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation approved a new admission campaign protocol*. Now the universities can independently define the number of aspects of the campaign. This includes format and deadlines for submitting the documents and admission of the students, the number and procedure exams and courses candidates can apply for.

In the new reality, most universities quickly adapted and introduced a flexible system for submitting the documents: in person, by post and online. Applicants from SPbPU and some other universities will upload their applications in electronic format only.

The entrance examination process got upgraded too. In many universities, the exams will be held remotely. Higher School of Economics and ETU LETI will have online exams, and Baltic Federal University made this possible for their international applicants applying on a contract basis. For the first time this year, HSE will also take into account the applicants volunteer activity. This might provide additional points while applying for Bachelor programmes.

Besides the functional upgrades, the 2020/2021 academic year will also present new opportunities. You can become the first student of the IKBFU bachelor and master courses in English-language programmes: Russian Language for Business Communication, Russian Language and Translation Studies, Accelerated Leadership, Digital Marketing, etc. Or get a bachelor degree in ITMO University with new programmes like Infochemistry, Energy Efficiency or Renewable Energy. ETU LETI international applicants now have a chance to enrol in unique R&D master programmes that involve project-based approach and research orientation. NRU HSE has also launched two fully online bachelor programmes in Computer Science and Data Analysis and Design. For those getting ready for admission, universities have developed distance preparatory courses in various subjects, including the Russian language.

University open day events will also be held online. The Higher School of Economics has already announced Zoom consultations for international applicants.

You can submit a free application for any educational programme and ask questions to a representative of the university directly through our website. We will help you contact the international department of the university and receive detailed information on all aspects of the admissions campaign for the 2020/2021 academic year.

* Order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation of August 21, 2020 No. 1076 "On approval of the procedure for admission to study in educational programmes of higher education – bachelor's programmes, specialist programmes, master's programmes.
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