African applicants want to study in Russia

27 October 2021
African applicants want to study in Russia

Most often, applicants from Africa, who entered Russian universities this academic year, chose the General Medicine specialization, as reports the Russian news agency TASS. The Ministry of science and higher education stated that almost 260 applicants were admitted to this program. Other popular fields are Economics, Management, International Relations, Oil and Gas Industry, and others.

The ministry added that within the Russian Government’s quota, almost 2.5 thousand applications were submitted from African countries, and Russian universities approved about 2.3 thousand of them.

Most actively African students try to enter RUDN University, Sechenov University, state universities in North Caucasus, Kazan and Belgorod.

It is reported that even restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infection did not stop an increase in demand for Russian education among citizens of African countries. There is a rise in the number of applications within quotas, but the number of applicants who enter Russian universities at their own expense is also growing. This year the number of these students has reached almost 22 thousand.

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