Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk attracts young international scientists

24 November 2020
Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk attracts young international scientists
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In 2021, six young scientists from Spain, Great Britain, Italy, China, India and Uruguay will start working at the NSU Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok.

These researchers have won the Mathematics Center Postdoc competition. Postdocs are candidates of sciences, or PhDs, who are temporarily employed outside their educational and scientific institutions. It's a new feature for Russia, but very promising. In the West, this system has established itself and is popular in academic circles. For a short time, young researchers manage to breath new ideas into science.

Applications were selected based on the assessment of international expertise, the chosen research topic, their scientific biography, portfolio, motivation and recommendation letters. The committee took into account their scientific experience, number of publications and level of English proficiency. Applicants had to be under 36 years and had their dissertation defended no earlier than 2015.

Each new researcher will work in a group. The supervising scientists will help them launch their own projects or connect to existing ones. The NSU will cover salaries, the cost of housing and travel expenses for the postdocs.

Nowadays, the Mathematics centre develops research in various popular fields of modern math: cryptography, information security, machine learning and others. An internship here opens up promising prospects for a scientific career. Postdoctoral work at NSU is a unique opportunity to gain new experience in international cooperation. Take part in the centuries-old tradition of the Russian mathematical school and develop skills in new areas of related disciplines. This is an excellent chance to plan your future several steps ahead. After all, in Russia, you can not only get an education but also build a scientific career by mastering fundamentally new methods of research.

The project started a year ago and has already reached the international level. The Mathematical Center, based in NSU, plans to expand scientific activities and strengthen its positions in the global scientific community. In the future, this will allow an even larger number of international students, candidates and doctors of sciences to work at the centre on solutions to the most important issues and fascinating problems of science and business.

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