Classes Taught by Nobel Prize Winner

19 April 2019
Classes Taught by Nobel Prize Winner

Reputed scientists will teach a new English-taught programme at TSU.

National Research Tomsk State University is launching a new international undergraduate programme in innovations which covers five fields. Fluent speakers of English from any country are welcome to apply. The programme is unique in that students do general subjects in the first year and then choose one of the five core tracks: physics, chemistry, ecology, biomaterials or neuroscience. The subsequent study plan will depend on the chosen discipline. For example, if a student focuses on neuroscience, the second year curriculum will include human anatomy and physiology, cognitive neuroscience, microbiology, programming in natural sciences, genetics, biotechnology etc. Classes are taught by well-known Russian and international professors. Lectures on ecology will be delivered by British scientist Terry V. Callaghan, joint recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for climate research. Students have the opportunity to do part of the programme at Maastricht University, Netherlands, and take an internship with companies in Moscow, St Petersburg, Tomsk or other cities.

Length of study is four years. Tuition fee: 4,200 euros a year. Application deadline is 10 July, 2019. To be admitted to the programme, candidates have to pass written physics and math examinations in English. Create a personal account on our website to apply for the programme. It is free; you will get a reply within ten days.

National Research Tomsk State University is a classical Russian university providing higher education for nearly any profession. The university has 20 departments and more than 130 fields of study. It offers 74 undergraduate programmes to prospective students, some of them are taught in English. More information about the university is here.

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