Free math course from a leading Russian university

28 September 2020
Free math course from a leading Russian university

NUST "MISIS" introducing a new English-language online mathematics course on EdX open for everyone. The start is on October 15, 2020, but you can register right now.

The Complex Analysis course examines the possibilities of applying modern methods of complex analysis in real life. The second-year bachelors of technical universities might find it most useful and everyone else interested in this area of mathematics. Each block is practice-oriented and supplied by several problems that would help you to understand lecture material even better.

The topics covered:
1. Complex algebra, complex differentiation, simple conformal mappings.
2. Taylor and Laurent expansion.
3. Residue theory. Integration of contour and real integrals with the help of residues.
4. Multivalued functions and regular branches
5. Analytic continuation and Riemann surfaces.
6. Integrals with multivalued functions.

The project runs on EdX – one of the most prestigious online educational platforms which hosts many leading universities like Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. EdX is a non-profit, but for $49 you can also get an official verified certificate from the university to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain and all the study materials.

Complex Analysis is part of NUST MISIS's more in-depth online course Complex Analysis with Physical Applications, which was popular with over 6,000 students from 40 countries.

It's an exceptional opportunity to learn something new or to dive deep into the material you already covered. Don't miss your chance and apply now. Just go through a simple registration on the website.
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