Functional nutrition and nutritional science – a new SUSU profile

13 April 2021
Functional nutrition and nutritional science – a new SUSU profile

The Institute of Sports, Tourism and Service of the South Ural State University has launched a new English-language profile in dietetics.

Functional Nutrition and Nutritionology speciality will allow you to acquire the essential knowledge, study the mechanics of formation and the chemical synthesis of biologically active compounds in foods and their effect on the human body. In the future, you can contribute to the treatment and fight against diseases such as cancer, diabetes and eating disorders.

The curriculum includes a wide variety of subjects: public, applied and sports nutrition, the chemistry of lipids, enzymes, vitamins and carbohydrates, consumer behaviour, risk management in food production, food microbiology and principles of food science.

Graduates of this program will be able to work in major medical centres, hospitals, private clinics and pharmaceutical companies and universities, industry, tourism and hospitality.

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