International Students Defend Theses in Russia

22 July 2020
International Students Defend Theses in Russia

Many graduates plan to continue their studies at Russian universities.

More than 70 international students from 19 countries have graduated from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. All of them got European Diploma Supplement in English along with Russian university diploma. The document certifies that training conformed to European education standards.

Two groups of students, from Iraq and Jamaica, have graduated from Siberian Federal University. Iraqi students completed the undergraduate programme in Oil and Gas Business. They learnt Russian at the Preparatory Department and then had training in field specific disciplines. The four-year programme was focused on oil and gas field development and operation; the practice included job placements in the home country where students collected data for their theses. Some graduates want to continue their studies at SibFU planning to apply for the programme in Oil and Gas Field Management.

sibfu_yamayka.JPG© SibFU

Students from Jamaica also completed a SibFU undergraduate programme. They are certified engineers in such fields as mechanical engineering, electric engineering and utility system and thermal engineering control. They studied at SibFU’s Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science School and Polytechnic School and had practice at Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant and Achinsk Alumina Refinery. All students got excellent grades for their qualifying research papers; five graduated with honours.

susu_ir.jpg© SUSU

Students from Algeria and Iraq completed graduate programmes at South Ural State University’s Institute of Architecture and Construction. For two years, they studied building design, construction technology and structural engineering and engaged in research. The graduates are preparing to return home to start a career.

spbpu_01.jpg© SpbPU

St Petersburg Polytechnic University master’s theses were defended by students of the first graduation class on the programme Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship. One of the graduates is Guillermo Illescas from Mexico. His paper addresses commercialisation of electric cars in Latin America. Successful graduates Nguyen Viet Tcem (Infocommunication Technology and Communication Systems) from Vietnam and Samim Abdul Rashid (Power Engineering) from Afghanistan plan to enrol in SPbPU postgraduate programmes.

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