MEPhI: Come to Summer School and Enrol in Master’s Degree

10 April 2019
MEPhI: Come to Summer School and Enrol in Master’s Degree

Students can learn about advanced technology and take exams for a master’s programme.

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI will hold the “Physics and Technologies in Life Sciences” summer school on 8 – 19 July, 2019. Language of instruction is English. International students interested in nano- and IT technologies in biology and nuclear medicine are welcome. The school has two modules: “Innovative technologies of radiation medicine” and “Radiotherapy and modern technologies of biomedicine.” Participants can choose one or both modules. They are offered a course of lectures in nanotherapy (newest diagnostic and treatment methods), 3D bioprinting, radiotherapy, radiopharmaceutical preclinical safety testing etc. as well as practice at MEPhI laboratories. At the end of the course, students write an essay on one of the offered topics. The participants who pass the final test get a university certificate.

Bachelor’s degree holders who wish to continue studies have an advantage. During the summer school, they can learn about masters programmes at the MEPhI Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine, submit documents and take entrance tests. In 2019, the Institute has intake for ten masters programmes; some of them are taught in English.

Tuition at the Summer School is free. Students only pay their travel, MEPhI dormitory accommodation and meal costs. Application closing date is 8 June 2019. To apply, create a personal account and write to the university designating the name of the Summer School.

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