MIPT Students Will Get Russian and French Master Diplomas

23 November 2016
MIPT Students Will Get Russian and French Master Diplomas

MIPT has launched a joint programme with École Polytechnique.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has signed an agreement with one of the most formidable engineering universities in France. Founded in 1794, École Polytechnique has produced numerous celebrated scientists and public leaders, including two French presidents.

MIPT students now also have an opportunity to receive diplomas of this famous institution. The programme is open to Russian and international students of MIPT starting from Year 4. To join the programme, one needs to fill out a form on the École Polytechnique website in January or February. Short-listed candidates will be invited to take entrance tests in Paris in April and May. The programme will start in September (its first year corresponds with Year 4 of MIPT Bachelor Programme).

The three-year program at École Polytechnique will also include five months of intensive study of the French language. At the end of the third year, students will return to MIPT for another year of studies. Upon graduation, they will receive Master degrees from both universities. Learn more about MIPT’s dual diploma programmes on the university website.
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