More than 500 Foreign Nationals Enrol at SUSU

16 September 2019
More than 500 Foreign Nationals Enrol at SUSU

The University admitted applicants from CIS countries, Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA.

In 2019, South Ural State University admitted 503 students from 29 countries, including 426 to bachelor’s programmes, 65 to master’s programmes and five to PhD programmes. A majority came from the Commonwealth of Independent States, such as Uzbekistan (90), Tajikistan (90) and Kazakhstan (63). One hundred and twelve students came from China and 47 from Egypt. Among the first years are representatives of Italy, the United States, Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Yemen, Congo, Kenya, Gabon, Botswana, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, Cuba and other countries.

Students from non-CIS countries tended to choose self-funded studies. Mechanical Engineering, Linguistics, Economics and IT were the most popular fields. Many applicants enrolled in English-taught programmes. Applications for Mechatronics and Robotics, the most sought-after major, closed before the deadline. Masters programmes in Power Engineering, IT. Fundamental Informatics and Internet of Things were also in demand. PhD students preferred philology and pedagogy.

South Ural State University offers education in such fields as engineering, humanities and natural sciences. English medium programmes are available. In 2019, the university launched several new English medium graduate programmes such as Database Technology, Heat and Power Engineering, Media Communications, Chemistry for Engineering Protection of the Environment etc. Read more information about the university here.
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