Nationals from 23 countries apply to IKBFU

21 July 2020
Nationals from 23 countries apply to IKBFU

Enrolment is held fully online for the first time.

Admissions to Russian universities are in full swing. More than 10,000 applications have been submitted to Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Among the applicants are nationals from Italy, France, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. Programmes in economics, political science, psychology, tourism, journalism, design, advertisement, business informatics and cybersecurity are most popular with prospective students.

IKBFU is a small modern university located in Russia’s westernmost region that borders on Europe. More than 120 programmes in various areas are available to international applicants including clinical medicine, information technology, mechanical engineering, design and advertisement, linguistics, etc. See more information on IKBFU programmes here. All international students live at comfortable apartment-type dormitories; another five new dormitories for 700 people are expected to be built by yearend.

If you want to enroll at IKBFU, create a personal account and send your application to the university; it’s free.

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