PhD students from China defend theses on A. Pushkin at the UTMN

22 April 2021
PhD students from China defend theses on A. Pushkin at the UTMN

Russian higher education attracts applicants from all over the world. Many of them study Russian literature. For the first time at the University of Tyumen, two PhD students from China defended their dissertations in philology.

Both studied under the PhD programme in Linguistics with a specialization in Comparative-Historical, Typological and Comparative Linguistics. They chose the texts of Alexander Pushkin as a subject of their research which not at all easy for foreigners.

Jingwen Wu defended her work on Metaphorical models and their implementation in the fairy-tale works of A. Pushkin and their translations into Chinese. The topic of the thesis of the second student, Jing Tong, was The linguocultural potential of commentaries in a translated literary text and its implementation in Chinese translations of A. Pushkin's "The Captain's Daughter". The research subject of both works was the comparison of the original text with a large number of poetic imaginary and stylistic features of the 19th-century Russian language and their translations into Chinese.

Jing Tong and Jingwen Wu went through the entire academic path with UTMN: from bachelor to PhD. The advanced degree is already helping them build careers. Jingwen Wu is now a Russian language teacher at Shenyang Polytechnic University. Jing Tong also plans to teach Russian in China: "I hope I make a positive contribution to China-Russian intercultural communication."

The University of Tyumen professors are confident that the growth of Chinese citizens interested in Russian higher education will continue. Now the university is preparing for the defence of two more PhD students from China.

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